The Miracle of Birth

The first experience I had with childbirth was my own. They induced me two weeks early, and the morning they did was full of nerves and excitement. The ultimate goal was to give birth by 10pm, and by 9:59pm, my world was changed. Despite all the doctors and nurses running in and out, the excitement of family surrounding me, and the epidural, I remember the moments I first saw my daughter clearly.

Being able to experience birth from an outside perspective is something everyone needs to experience in their life. I was fortunately given the opportunity to do so.

I remember waiting each night, expecting a phone call at 2am for me to spring into action. I had turned off all notifications on my phone, other than my phones ringers; it was on full blast. Each night, my routine had been: charge phone, camera batteries, ensure memory card has enough space, and make sure I had snacks packed in case I wasn't able to have breakfast. I was delightfully surprised when the phone came, at 5:30pm.

The hospital isn't far from me, so I was there within 15 minutes. I immediately proceeded to the nurses station in Labour & Delivery. Seeing my camera, they knew exactly what room to direct me to. Walking in, I had started to get the same nerves from when they induced me. But once I started shooting, all of the nerves disappeared.

It's very hard for me to put into words how special childbirth is, so allow the following pictures to speak for themselves:

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